As your City Councillor I will serve all the people of Niagara Falls – making sure that your voices are heard at City Hall and working with residents and businesses to build a stronger, safer community.

Stand for fiscal responsibility while defending core city services. Ensuring city services are delivered in an efficient and effective manner.

Continue to promote infrastructure renewal (improve the quality of our roads and water/sewer systems).

Council needs to be a group willing to work together for the betterment of the entire community. A strong voice for our constituents as well as a good negotiator with all other levels of government.

Economic growth and development – creating jobs for tomorrow. Working to make our community a viable commodity focusing on growth and diverse industry, a mix of various industry, trade, and professional careers.

Promote Environmental Sustainability through, green technology, conservation and good planning principals of future developments.

Niagara Transportation CommitteeDirector of Niagara District Airport: Steering Transportation in Niagara towards the Future